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Driving Better Outcomes

Working smarter, not harder with dealers, OEMs and mobility providers.

Our Story

Industry Experts

Marque Group Solutions (MGS) is a premier provider of CRM, LMS, and comprehensive data aggregation solutions. Our expertise lies in delivering a unified customer view, optimising retailer performance visibility, and empowering businesses with unparalleled business intelligence.


We specialise in automating and enhancing customer experience management and retention strategies, putting you in complete control. At MGS, we are committed to driving superior business outcomes through innovative solutions and unwavering support.

Quality CRM management
can make all the difference

Hoods in a Line

CRM Matters

5 - 25 x

The cost of acquiring a new customer is between 5 and 25 times more than retaining an existing customer!

Opening Car Door

CRM Matters

Profit gone begging

Our study revealed that on average poor data quality can put up to $112,000 worth of opportunity at risk!

UK study based on 115 dealers across 555 franchise locations*

Car Leasing

CRM Matters

74% conversion rate

Returning Service customers are more likely to buy a new vehicle from the dealer 

What can we do for you?

MGS aggregates DMS & LMS data to provide a robust single customer view, enhanced visibility of retailer performance and unbeatable business intelligence. Giving you control and full automation of customer experience management alongside a powerful marketing solution!

Establishing integrations with each of your retailers and aggregating with third party data to give you full visibility of activity

Clear reporting and visibility of key metrics including data quality, marketing performance, conversion and retention

Bring all leads together to nurture and ensure best possible conversion rates

Intuitive platform for retailers and head office to select an audience, create campaigns and deploy through chosen channels

Drive your service retention strategy and communicate at the right time to increase customer satisfaction and return business.

Working with the best in the industry 


Smart Solutions

At Marque Group Solutions, we believe that smart solutions are the key to building a better tomorrow for everyone. Our innovative technology is designed to make a real difference in helping you to achieve the best possible results via exceptional customer service.


We are dedicated to finding smart ways of using technology to make a positive impact for your staff and your customers. We are committed to driving innovation and making a difference. Learn more about our smart solutions today.

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