It’s More Than a Timely Reminder

For excellence over the long term, your customer retention strategy needs to be connected to your entire dealership technology ecosystem. Contact Tracker connects you to your client and your future. It’s a lot more than a CRM connected to your DMS.

Marketing Communications

300K specific automotive service reminders each month

Contact Tracker makes marketing easy and effective.

Automated retention marketing you can trust, with a multi-channel strategy carefully designed to engage with your customers at exactly the right moment to deliver industry-leading conversion rates.

DMS-connected for specific and activity-based audience building

Engage your audience & increase conversion with sharp marketing

Co-ordinated multi-channel strategy delivers industry-leading conversion

BI Dashboard delivers complete visibility of all key metrics

Accurate customer details mean you’ll never miss an opportunity

Experienced team working with you to drive continuous improvement

Automotive first excellence

It’s More Than You Expect

Where contact tracker excels

Powerful, Robust, Proven

Contact Tracker delivers proven results, improving data health, campaign engagement and outcomes, outbound call efficiency, and ultimately customer retention rates.

Integrations track a client’s activities across a dealer, a dealership group or an entire network

Specific and transactional event-based audience targeting is the secret to best practice retention

Multi channel targeting ensures the right message hits the mark each time

Stay connected to your clients and their vehicles and see your results in real time

Contact Tracker puts the customer at the heart of your CRM initiatives 

helping to influence every moment that matters and driving retention across the entire customer lifecycle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence dashboard is an innovative solution that enables users to view multiple reports quickly and easily at a single user or user group level. It supports full customisation, filtering, cross-tabulation, and effective data display, making this a valuable data discovery tool for key stakeholders. 

Performance Managers

Our highly knowledgeable automotive specialists are focused on working with dealerships to improve marketing performance and call conversion rates, providing practical guidance on the latest industry best practice and actively coach retailers to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, retention and profitability.

Contact Tracker is a Vital Software product and a Marque Group solution. Our product suite is provided under the Marque Group Solutions (MGS) banner and represents a suite of compatible expert automotive tools brought together to deliver cutting-edge technologies and services to our clients.

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